Instructions for the Presenters

  • Everyone is invited to apply to the conference with a presentation. The condition is that the presentation deals with certain legal aspects of transport or transport insurance as envisaged by the non-exhaustive list of conference topics. The application is completed upon the submission of the written abstract as described below.

    The applicants are obliged to respect the prescribed submission deadlines (here).

    All presentations by the applicants from the academic sector must be followed by written academic papers.

    Applicants from the non-academic sector who wish to participate with presentations are not obliged, but are encouraged to participate with written academic or professional papers, as such applications will be given priority in the acceptance procedure.

    The submitted papers will be subject to the blind peer review procedure by two peer reviewers, and may be categorised as follows:

    (1) original scientific paper – a paper which is characterised by originality of conclusions, or which presents previously unpublished original results of scientific research;
    (2) review article – an article which contains a detailed and comprehensive critical review of a certain problem area, but with no significant originality of results;
    (3) preliminary communication – a paper which presents primary findings of research in progress, which due to current interest require immediate publication, but without the level of deep and thorough study required for the scientific paper.
    (4) professional paper – a paper which contains information and experience relevant for a certain profession, but without scientific characteristics.

    All papers accepted for the conference will be published in the INTRANSLAW Zagreb 2017 Conference Book of Proceedings. The Academic Committee of INTRANSLAW Zagreb 2017 will accept only unpublished materials. The academic and professional papers accepted for the INTRANSLAW Zagreb 2017 may be published elsewhere only subject to the approval of the Academic Committee, and in that case a clear reference to the original publication in the INTRANSLAW Zagreb 2017 must be made.

    The deadline for the submission of abstracts to the Academic Committee is 15th November 2016. Each abstract must contain:

    • a title
    • details of the author (name and surname, academic title, professional position, personal e-mail address, name and address of the home institution/organisation),
    • a summary (2-4 standard pages, i.e. min. 3600 – max. 7200 keystrokes),
    • key words (maximum 10 words),


    Language: All abstracts and full text papers must be submitted in English or Croatian. Croatian speaking authors must submit their abstracts in Croatian and English.

    Abstracts must be submitted through the electronic abstract submission form available here. 

    The authors whose abstracts have been selected by the Academic Committee will be informed of the acceptance by 1st December  2016.

    The deadline for the submission of the full text of the paper is 1st May 2017.

    Rules and procedures regarding academic papers, including their contents, editing instructions and information about blind peer review procedure can be found here.

    All  full text papers must be submitted by e-mail to: 

    Academic Committee
    INTRANSLAW Zagreb 2017

    Important dates:

      1. Abstract submission deadline: 15th November 2016
      2. Abstract acceptance date: 1st December 2016
      3. Full text submission deadline: 1st May 2017
      4. Full and final text submission (camera-ready): 1st  July 2017