• Croatian Transport Law Association




    The Croatian Transport Law Association (CTLA) is a non-profit non-governmental organisation. It was founded at the Founding Assembly on the 6th July 2016 in Zagreb.

    It is an academic and professional association gathering transport law experts as well as companies, organisations and institutions whose activities are related to transport and logistics. Its purpose is to study, promote and support the development of transport law and its practical implementation. In particular, CTLA fosters professional cooperation in the field of transport law on the national level with a view of popularisation of the relevant topics from this field. It promotes and supports education and professional training on the national and international level as well as the cooperation with the competent authorities with the aim of development of the Croatian transport law framework, particularly the harmonisation of the national legislation with the EU law and the international instruments of transport law. CTLA’s goal is to establish, maintain and develop the communication and cooperation with other relevant associations in the country and abroad. The Association’s scope of activity includes international cooperation, education, professional training, science and research. In particular, CTLA has been established with a view of organising national and international seminars and conferences, publishing works from the field of transport law, setting up of working groups for the research and analysis of the specific topics of transport law, proposing new regulatory solutions in the field, cooperation with the relevant international and national institutions in the field of transport law, including educational and research institutions.




    Faculty of Law in Zagreb


    The Faculty of Law was established in 1776 and is the oldest of the four faculties of law in the country and one of the oldest institutions of the University of Zagreb. While it remains proud of its fine tradition, it seeks to be a modern institution engaged in cutting-edge research and education. The Faculty of Law offers seven different types of study programme – three in law, three in social work and one in public administration.

    The mission of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb is to educate competent and qualified experts in the field of law, social work and public administration, who will contribute to the advancement of practice, education and academic research with their knowledge and skills. For a number of years the Faculty has trained the best students by developing study programmes of all levels based on the latest scientific and research, highest professional standards and principles of ethics. It seeks to foster excellence through international cooperation and to create a stimulating intellectual environment for successful learning and research, as well as for personal development. The Faculty has concluded agreements with more than 130 institutions of higher education from Europe and other continents. Its members participate in the work of foreign research institutions and cultivate co-operation with scientists in other countries. The Library of the Faculty of Law is particularly rich in sources for scientific research. Today it has almost 200,000 holdings which cover all fields of law and include numerous rare items, and is considered as one of the best law libraries in this part of Europe in terms of the number, variety and quality of its holdings.

    As part of its educational, academic and professional activities, the Faculty carries out a number of scientific and professional projects and research studies, it organises local and international academic and professional seminars, conferences and symposia, and offers programmes of professional lifelong education and development. The Faculty also conducts some additional activities ensuring the required standard of the system of higher education with the highest level of organisation and public responsibility.

    In its third century of existence, the Faculty of Law in Zagreb has proved to be a source of Croatian nation-building spirit and free thought, the guardian of Croatian culture and the representative of the Croatian legal school as one of the centres of the Mid-European legal tradition, and as such it is distinguished in the country and abroad. Its members greatly contribute to the creation of the Croatian legal system, establishment of the rule of law and the education of new generations of lawyers based on the best European legal traditions.

    Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts – Adriatic Institute

    The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts is the highest academic institution in Croatia. It was founded in Zagreb in 1861 by the decision of the Croatian Parliament. The bishop and benefactor Josip Juraj Strossmayer set up a trust fund for this purpose in 1860. The Academy supports and organises scientific work, advocates the implementation of the scientific results, it fosters the artistic and cultural activities and caters for Croatian cultural herritage and its international affirmation; it publishes the results of scientific research and artistic creativity and gives proposals and opinions on the development of science and art in the fields of particular importance for the Republic of Croatia.

    Adriatic Institute is a scientific research unit of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, dealing with the research of maritime and transport law, and the law of the sea. It is one of rare legal scientific institutes in Europe specialised in the aforementioned branches of law. The Institute was founded in 1945. The Institute’s specialised library professionally processes literature from its own collections (more than 20,000 units of positive law, history of law, and the political history of the Adriatic coast).

    Institut du Droit International des Transports (IDIT)

    IDIT_logoThe Institute of International Transport Law  was created in 1969. It is an organisation whose objects are the study of all legal, economic and technical questions relating to all types of transport, both national and international. IDIT is a research institute based in Rouen (France) which specialises in law and regulation for all modes of transport and logistics.