Idea & Mission

  • Dynamic development of transport law, the complex system of relevant international conventions and numerous amendements of the national transport regulation due to the harmonisation with EU law create a need for a specialised professional and academic forum devoted to the improvement of knowledge, discussion and transfer of best practices in the field of transport law dealing with all modes of transportation: maritime, air and land, as well as in the field of transport insurance law.

    The second INTRANSLAW Zagreb 2017 will take place on the 12th and 13th of October 2017 in Zagreb under the theme TRANSPORT LAW TOWARDS THE FUTURE.

    The international professional and academic conference of transport law and the law of transport insurance INTRANSLAW will continue to provide an opportunity every two years for foreign and local professionals and academics in the field of transport and insurance to gather and exchange specialised knowledge and experience in the implementation of  relevant laws and regulations and to assist in actual problem solving through a quality dialogue.

    The aim of INTRANSLAW is to respond to that trend and to create a forum, the first of its kind, for the dissemination and exchange of relevant information, knowledge and experience between the public and private sector, between the profession and academia and amongst all branches of transport.

    Our wish is, therefore, to maintain a quality space for the gathering of professionals of all profiles: carriers and operators from all branches of transport, transport infrastructure operators, marine and transport insurers, transport financiers, public administration, justice, international organisations, EU institutions, regulatory agencies, scientists, attornies, NGO’s and all other stakeholders interested in transport, insurance and the related activities. We believe that by networking, communication, exchange of information, knowledge and experience regarding all topical issues of transport and insurance law, they will all contribute to the improvement of their own businesses, as well as to the competitiveness of the local and regional transport and insurance industry on the European and global playground.

    An opportunity to participate at the conference with a presentation is open to all interested professionals and academics, provided that their papers deal with the legal aspects related to transport or transport insurance.

    This year, one of the co-organisers of the Conference is the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Adriatic Institute) within the research project DELICROMAR no. 3061 financed by the Croatian Science Foundation.

    You are invited to join INTRANSLAW Zagreb 2017 and to efficiently contribute to the  development of knowledge, understanding and improvement of the practical implementation of this dynamic, modern and ever growing field of law. Your knowledge is precious to us.

    We are looking forward to meeting you in Zagreb in 2017!